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Who is Chris Williams ?
I’ve been around for quite a while, yet I seem to be a mystery man to most business owners who aren’t on the ‘inside’. That’s because, for the last 2 years, I’ve been the “secret consultant” working behind the scenes with the top 1% businesses and multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. Until recently, I purposely avoided the spotlight and all publicity… despite being one of the world’s most successful and sought after business coaches. I still feel awkward when I have to bring it up (and I tell you this only because it’s important to help you understand how powerful the methods I am going to reveal to you are)... but my accomplishments have become somewhat legendary:  Over the Years, I have authored quite some Books and Publications which deal with Improving the Business interms of Optimizing Traffic, Salesfunnels, improving Email Campaigns, etc.
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How to Improve your Email Campaign Conversions Effectively in 30 days
Written by Chris Williams
The Book discusses various methods and strategies which can be employed to double or triple Email Conversion Rates within 30 days. It also discusses on how to make best use of the Subscriber list independent of the size of the list.
How to Create a Complete Product / Sales Funnels in 30 days
Written by Chris Williams
The Course Outlines the various methods that I employ to create a Perfect Product Sales Funnel in Just 30 days. All the processes are laid out in step by step manner.
The 18 Best Practices for Local SEO
Written by Chris Williams
SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” For business owners and webmasters, this means optimizing their website and webpages for the search engines. This ultimately means making those pages the best possible so that search engines can find them and drive traffic to the site.  Local SEO is an extremely targeted form of advertising because the business owner isn’t actually advertising directly to the customer. It’s this way that local SEO is so unlike television commercials, print ads, and brochures. While these methods may fall upon the ears of hundreds or even thousands, and only get the business one or two new customers, local SEO isn’t blanket advertising. Business owners don’t just have to put it out there and hope for the best. 
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